Carolina Solcia
Keynote Speaker

Carolina Solcia

CEO, Route220

Passionate about science and technology, she graduated in Chemistry at the University of Milan.

She worked for fifteen years at SAES Getters in the business units dedicated to the electronics industry covering different roles: R&D, Product Management, Sales & Marketing, Merge & Acquisition, in an international, dynamic and demanding environment.

In 2004, he combined her interest in renewable energy with a new consulting activity for the development of start-ups in the sector, managing energy efficiency projects.

As a consultant for SMEs, she defines business strategies and company reorganisations, with a focus on the development of product lines and commercial organisations.

A Business Angel since 2010, she has supported the growth of several start-ups.

After a long collaboration with Franco Barbieri, she joined Route220 as a partner in 2016.

Now she is the CEO of Route220.