Peter Badik
Keynote Speaker

Peter Badik

Co-founder & Managing Partner, GreenWay

Peter Badik, co-founder and managing partner of Greenway infrastructure (GreenWay), the largest electric vehicle charging service operator in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE).

Peter has led GreenWay from being a small start-up to now being a 120+ person company (and growing), the leading regional market player, and serving thousands of EV driving and charging station host customers.

He is an expert in electric vehicle charging infrastructure systems, their development, construction, financing, operation, and billing systems, and in renewable energy more broadly, especially in the context of CEE. Between his financial and entrepreneurial background and his topical and regional expertise, he would bring a unique, valuable, and deeply informed perspective to the show.

GreenWay operates a large and growing network of EV charging infrastructure in the CEE region.